Teeth Whitening for the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Bleaching your teeth does not weaken them. Nearly $1.8 Billion dollars are spent on Over the Counter teeth whitening products yearly. Though the effects of teeth bleaching vary from patient to patient with some spectacular results and some with very slight changes, according to the American Dental Association, bleaching changes the natural tooth color by removing deep and surface stains with gels that contain hydroden peroxide. The primary side effect of teeth bleaching is temperature sensitivity during and after treatment. This can be mitigated with flouride toothpastes and rinses before and after bleaching appointments.

Here at Almaden Dental Associates, we have been offering Teeth Bleaching options since 1983 and many of our patients have successfully had our in office bleaching procedures with success. We offer many options from tray type systems to several light accelerated systems which include Zoom II and Sinsational Smile. At one time we were the major supplier of Crest White Strips in Santa Clara Valley. We have always encourages the use of OTC systems before investing in the more expensive in office systems to see if your teeth react favorably to Hydroden Peroxide based whitening at all.

We highly recommend the Sinsational Smile system because the cost is $99 dollars for this light accelerated, high concentration gel system as compared to our Zoom II System at $500. A Sinsational Smile appointment is scheduled for one hour. Our patients, staff and family generally agree that this is the most effective and comfortable system we offer.

Dental Whitening is Safe & Effective – A Worthwhile Elective

If you’re interested in having your smile brightened, we recommend that you first talk with us regarding your specific goals so that we can evaluate how teeth whitening might impact your particular situation. Some people are simply better candidates than others for a successful whitening treatment. For example, if your teeth are darkened to a yellow, brown or orange tinge due to age, coffee, tea or smoking, chances are very good that teeth whitening will bring satisfactory results. However, if your teeth are a dark gray tone from fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline use, whitening results may be a bit less dramatic.

Tooth Bleaching is a safe and worthwhile elective If you’re interested in having your smile brightened Some people are simply better candidates than others for a successful whitening treatment so talk to us about your questions. For example, if your teeth are darkened to a yellow, brown or orange tinge due to age, coffee, tea or smoking, chances are very good that teeth whitening will bring satisfactory results. However, if your teeth are a dark gray tone from fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline use, whitening results may be a bit less dramatic; plus, whitening does not lighten artificial materials such as resins, silicants or porcelains. Finally, teeth with periodontal disease or worn enamel typically do not respond well to whitening. And in any case, after whitening, your new, brighter smile will be preserved the longest if you’re willing to forgo such habits as smoking, drinking coffee and drinking tea.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Sinsational Smiles Bleaching System


Sinsational Smile uses a fast and effective technology with our patented pre-filled silicone tray. This allows the jaw to remain relaxed and the person comfortable throughout the 20 minute procedure. This procedure includes the use of an LED accelerating light that helps to activate the gel’s whitening ingredients at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time. As part of your procedure, you’ll also receive a take-home maintenance pen shown below to further extend your new brighter smile

Opalescence Trèswhite

Trèswhite containing the first pre-filled adaptable, disposable whitening trays. They fit. They’re fast. And most importantly, they’re flavored. Trèswhite’s new, patent-pending technology delivers a custom fitted tray without the need for impressions, models or lab time. This revolutionary product offers a pre-filled, thin membrane tray that is easily adapted as it adheres to the teeth. Trèswhite’s unique delivery system offers ease-of-use as the tray is quickly and easily positioned onto the teeth for a custom fit.

This allows for whitening of all teeth, both front and back. Trèswhite’s thin membrane tray is pre-loaded with two, distinct gels, an activating gel and a barrier gel. The activator gel contains 9% hydrogen peroxide and will actively whiten the teeth for up to 60 minutes. The barrier gel is loaded along the gingival margin and acts as a protector for the tissues while the teeth continue to whiten. Results are visible within days. Not only is Trèswhite effective, it also tastes great. The unique Opalescence mint and melon flavors make this hydrogen peroxide based product the first of its kind to actually taste good. The Opalescence Trèswhite kit contains 20 whitening trays (10 upper, 10 lower).

Traditional Tray Techniques

ray-based whitening has become the most widely utilized type of at-home bleaching product. This technique utilizes a plastic tray that has been fabricated so to fit comfortably over a person’s teeth. The person places bleaching gel (carbamide peroxide) into the tray and the tray is then worn for multiple hours a day (or else overnight), for some weeks, as the effects of the whitening process take place. At home tray teeth whitening is a safe and effective way for a person to bleach their teeth but anyone utilizing this type of system needs to realize that the majority of their whitening activities will not be directly supervised by a dental professional. Because of this, anyone bleaching their teeth must be certain that the specific whitener they are using is safe, and that they know how to use this product in an appropriate manner. Failure to meet either one of these conditions could result in damage or harm.

If you’re not interested in investing several weeks of treatments, dealing with cumbersome mouth trays and achieving relatively limited shade improvements, consider the revolutionary, safe, and easy “ZOOM 2! ®” process from DISCUS Dental. With just a one-hour treatment session, our ZOOM!® whitening system can lighten your teeth without sensitivity problems and with long-lasting results! Zoom tooth whitening is a revolutionary dental bleaching procedure. The original Zoom whitening system has been recently improved and is now called Zoom 2 ! It’s safe, effective and very fast. In less than an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter and brighter.

The Zoom tooth bleaching procedure is simple and painless. It begins with a short preparation to isolate your lips and gums. The Zoom dentist then applies the proprietary Zoom tooth whitener! The Zoom tooth whitening gel, is activated by a specially designed light. Teeth typically become at least 6 to 10 shades whiter after the Zoom whitening procedure, sometimes more. A five-minute fluoride treatment completes the procedure and you’ll be amazed with the results. In most cases, teeth get even whiter the first few days after the procedure.Currently, Zoom2 is considered the most advanced technique in teeth bleaching on the market and also one of the more expensive techniques.

Zoom 2™ Facts

  • Immediate results in about an hour
  • An average of eight shades whiter
  • Relax and watch TV, listen to radio, or sleep while you whiten in the Dental chair
  • Simple process consisting of using whitening gel on the teeth, activated by a small highly specialized lamp
  • Futuristic lamp is not a laser and transmits almost no heat, causing little or no sensitivity
  • Zoom 2™ lamp is the only lamp on the market created by a dentist solely for tooth whitening purposes
  • Available exclusively through the care of your dentist

Zoom 2™ was developed by Discus Dental, Inc., the leading supplier of tooth whitening products for dental professionals.